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Crow // digital abstractionist

Crow is an artist living and working in Orlando, Florida, who explores the boundaries of photography and abstraction through his work created on basic office equipment.

Instead of a canvas or traditional tools, Crow employs an unconventional tool set to create his work, including scanners, LED lights, secondhand printers, sandpaper, rain, and dirt
. Rarely does he pick up a paintbrush, but his hand is evident in the analog layering process employed in his work.

As a colorblind artist, Crow explor
es a fascination with visual effects and emotions conveyed through specific colors or color combinations. The work commonly focuses on time, mortality, endurance, and longevity.

Group Exhibitions:

5.24 // Colonna Contemporary, Longform: Scars by Crow. Wayne, Pennsylvania

12.23 // Trippy Labs, Beyond Basel, Miami, Florida, USA

4.23 // Babylon x NYC. New York, New York, USA

12.22 // SuperRare x 0xSociety, Digital Abstraction. Montreal, Québec, Canada

12.22 // Art Innovation Gallery, Floating Pixels. Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Crow's CV

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